Saturday, November 15, 2008

My new love...

If you know me, you know music is what I breathe. My latest love is Eric Hutchinson. He's been around for quite some time but is now getting some recognition even making the VH1 top 20 with "Rock & Roll". If you haven't heard him, check him out. He reminds me of Jason Mraz, Gavin DeGraw, Stevie Wonder to name a few. Great musician and his music makes me HAPPY!

"Ok, It's Alright With Me"

"Rock & Roll"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update on Baby Slade

My last few dr. appts. have been pretty encouraging. While I still have Polyhydramnios (the condition of having too much amniotic fluid) and still have about 10 contractions an hour they haven't increased or changed at all and the growth of my tummy slowed down just a little bit. Instead of measuring 7 weeks ahead, I was starting to level out only measuring 4 weeks ahead. Well, that changed on Tuesday. I had a regularly scheduled appt but I had a feeling I would have different results. Over the weekend I had started averaging about 20 braxton hicks contractions an hour. They haven't really let up since. My appt revealed that I am now measuring 43 weeks (back to 7 weeks ahead). May I remind you that 40 weeks is full term!! I needed an ultrasound to see what was going on. The ultrasound revealed that my fluid level had increased, (it's is now 31 cm. - 24cm and below is normal.) and that Slade is already estimated to be 8lbs 11oz. YIKES! What does this mean? Well, not much. I'm already having a c-section so that eliminates a lot of decisions that would have to be made if that weren't the case. I pretty much have to endure a couple more weeks of being uncomfortable and pray that more stretch marks don't appear! Many have asked why they won't go ahead and take Slade early if she's already so big and I'm measuring so far ahead. While she may be chubby, there is no way to know if her lungs are fully developed and ready to breathe room air. Weeks 37/38 are critical for lung development and it isn't worth the risk of her having breathing problems just so I can get some relief. I can make it a few more weeks! 18 days to be exact. So...I've started taking bets on her birth weight. What's your guess??

Happy 4th Birthday Micah!

October 29th was Micah's 4th birthday! We had a wonderful day as Grandma came for a surprise visit. We kept busy baking the cake and letting Micah open little presents through out the day. Then we met up with Muzzy and Pop at the bowling alley. Micah just loves "goaling" as he calls it. It was so much fun to be together as a family. And, I even bowled a strike or two (don't tell my dr.!). After bowling we had pizza, cake and presents at the house. Pete's oldest friend from childhood, Kyle, was in town (he's in the Air Force Reserves) and came by for the celebration. A real treat as both the boys LOVE Mr. Kyle! All and all a wonderful day celebrating our beautiful gift from God, Micah Slade Bradburn. Thank you Lord!!


I'm behind on posting but determined to get caught up!! Every year we have a group over for pizza and pictures and then trick or treating. It's amazing that some of our kids have been taking these Halloween shots together for 5 years! Time seems to fly by (when you're not pregnant). We had a great time. Amazingly...or maybe not, I didn't get one picture of just my 2 boys together. So they're mixed in with the rest of the kiddos. Forester was Iron Man and Micah was Batman. Slade was a painted pumpkin. ;o)
Our Spider Web Pumpkin

Sweet Bee, Susanna Fortney

Lovely Ladybug, Caroline Fortney
Ella Cow! Sooo cute!
Most of the kiddos for a group shot.
Micah (batman) and Emma (pink tinkerbell)
Susanna showing Joshua some love....
Heading out to get some loot!! Happy Halloween 2008!