Friday, October 2, 2009

Prayer Request

First of all I shouldn't be writing this after taking Ambien so forgive me.
But, I am so excited that April  is coming for a short visit next Tuesday-Thursday!!  (Forester enters treatment on Wed)  Please pray that everyone in April's household will remain COMPLETELY HEALTHY.  Since March, that poor family has been one giant walking germ.  Seriously! 3 kids under 5 and the oldest started Kindergarten this year = illness.  Plus you know about April's Spinal Meningitis!  It's been a trying year for them too.  We both could use some time together.   I haven't seen April since Forester's brain surgery back in Feb.!!  So please pray that nothing interferes and that God will continue to put a hedge of protection around us to keep us from anything that could compromise Forester's treatment.
Forester had a great day today.  He has some laughing gas at the dentist while getting some preventative sealants put on his teeth.  It wasn't a problem at all. Smooth and easy.  Then came home and has a short school lesson with Mrs. Weston.  They were unable to get to Bible today due to time so Forester stayed at the table and read and explained his Bible stories to Micah.  It was a precious moment.  He loves Bible time! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead.  It's going to be a tough game for our Georgia Bulldogs playing LSU.  GO DAWGS!
Love - Whitney

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doing Well

Sorry that it's been a few days since my last update.

Forester's body has recovered from the chemo and all of his counts are almost in the normal range. His platelet count is still really low but not low enough for another transfusion. We just have to be careful about bumps and falling (bleeding essentially). The last several days have been really great. Forester seems more like his old self and it's been a long time since we've seen that guy. He was kicking the soccer ball this weekend, going up and down the stairs without holding on and even jumping around a bit. All of these things are signs of great improvement in his legs. He even said "Mom, I'm getting my balance back! Yay!". So, your prayers are working! He's also been getting along very well with Micah and they have spent hours together building Bionicles and playing. This is unheard of! I mean, they're brothers!! It's been a precious gift to me to over hear my boys being nice to one another and enjoying each other's company. SO, in all things, God is good and has been giving us little gifts along the way.

Round 5 (We're reaching the homestretch!!) will begin on Wednesday, October 8th, 8 days from now. Thankfully we don't even have to go back to the hospital for a check up before then! Forester will have a hearing test at 8:30 on the 8th (PRAY) and then they will check his counts and get him admitted into a room. Once again it will be the same 4 chemo drugs and a 4 day stay in the hospital.

So... have any of you heard of this thing called the Swine Flu? Ha ha. Yeah, it's going around and it's everywhere! Pete and I talked about it the other night and though it may seem to be extreme we are going to take every precaution necessary to keep our family healthy and avoid any illness that could delay Forester's treatment. We REALLY want him to be done by December and maybe even have a little hair by Christmas! So, we're going to be hermits for the next couple of months. And please, keep praying for God's protection over us. I know it's His protection that has kept Forester from illness thus far. Thank you, Lord!

Thanks as always for thinking and praying for us. We thank God for you! We pray that this week will be full of uneventful, boring days in the Bradburn house before the next round starts back up.
Here are a few short videos for you to enjoy. Don't forget to pause the playlist at the bottom or if you received this by email you will have to go to the actual blog site to view the videos.