Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Another Long Monday

We made it through hospital week and had a very low key weekend.  I'm here at the hospital clinic now with Forester and Slade.  Forester's red blood cell count is already low so he's getting a transfusion now.  He will also be getting another dose of vincristine today.  This may be his last dose of vincristine for a while because his legs are getting so bad.  I'm posting two videos below (if you received this via email, you usually have to go to the actual blog site to view the videos).  One is Forester walking through the hospital today - just trying to show you how much his legs/gait have changed.  I was trying to be subtle about it so I'm walking too - sorry if it's shaky.  The other video was taken moments ago - I was trying to whisper since everyone is asleep in here so I'm sorry if you can't hear my commentary very well.  I'll write more soon.
*don't forget to scroll down and pause the playlist songs

oh, and a HAPPY 41st Anniversary MOM and DAD (muzzy & pop)!!  I LOVE YOU!