Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Pix! :)

painting pumpkins with grandma

preparing for the craziness ahead...

Craziness! But so much fun with friends!

my Star Wars kiddos

Trick or Treat!

Joshua YODA! (minus the hot annoying mask)

Slade's 1st time to Trick or Treat

She likes it!!

Grandma is ALWAYS festive!

Staci with Yoda & Ewok. :-)

Bye Bye Port!

(sorry, to re-post but there was a huge typo I just had to fix. The gas alleviated his anxiety not elevated! Ok, now I can sleep tonight..)

Last Friday's surgery went really well. We had to do a lot of waiting beforehand due to two pediatric emergencies but other than that, Forester did fabulously. He was put to sleep via gas before the IV was placed which alleviated a lot of anxiety and he had no pain when the IV was removed. Thanks for your prayers about that! He was a little sore when he awoke from surgery but morphine helped and he felt fine by the time we got home.  He hasn't had any pain meds since!  Not even tylenol. In fact, we went bowling on Saturday night to celebrate Micah's birthday and he was able to do that without any problem or pain. His stitches dissolve and we can remove his bandage tomorrow.
Micah had a wonderful birthday and everyone enjoyed dressing up for Halloween. Darth Maul (Forester) , Aniken (Micah) and the Ewok (Slade) looked great! Slade received one piece of candy and was practically running to the next house for more. Fun for all!
...And now onto Forester's 9th birthday on Sunday! (whew!)

*Here are some pictures from last weekend's events.  ...I've been struggling with blogspot & these pictures for hours. I'll have to post Halloween pix separately. Stand by...

waiting & waiting...
All done!


Baby Micah

Pinata loot!

Scooby Dooby Doo!