Friday, August 28, 2009

12 Years Ago Today...

This post is dedicated to my sweet, Pete, whom I married 12 years ago today. I still honestly can't believe this man wanted to marry me. He was and IS my dream come true. I love you, baby. We've been through quite a lot over the last 12 years...working in ministry in Atlanta, surviving seminary, leaving all our closest friends in Birmingham and moving to Charleston where we didn't have friend (minus my mom and dad) or a job! We've endured a lot of change as we've grown our family. And this year, enduring the biggest challenge of our life...a daughter. (hee hee.) Of course I mean Forester and cancer. You have been, and continue to be, the rock of our family. You are an amazing husband, a wonderful, completely involved and fun father, you are a hard worker and a dedicated provider. You love God, you love me, you love our children. And, you are so fun and funny! I truly enjoy being with you and feel so blessed to be the lucky girl who gets to call you her husband. I know others are jealous and they should be. :-) Thank you for loving me so well these last 12 years. Thank you for giving me the gift of our three children even though you were really apprehensive about the third one. Thank you for being understanding about my short comings and patient with me. I know I'm not easy to live with. I know I test your limits and you extend grace to me over and over again. You motivate me to be a better wife, a better mom and better person. I want to be someone you'll be proud of and brings you joy. I hope I succeed at least some of the time. You are the one I try to dress to impress. You are the one I hope and pray still thinks I'm cute after all these years....even though I wear the battle scars of carrying our children. There is no one else I desire to please other than my God. I am so thankful you serve Him and love him as I do. More than anything, that is the greatest blessing to me. Your love for Him. I pray we will have many more wonderful years together, that we will see each child leave our nest, and enjoy many years after as best friends. I love you, now and always.

Happy Anniversary!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Updates on Braves Game

Hey, friends! It's Katie (Whit's sister). I just wanted to mention a few of things about the upcoming Braves game on September 6th:
  1. We have almost 100 people in the Friends of Forester section - woo hoo!
  2. Our seats are in the upper level in Section 402, Rows 17-25. This is straight back from home plate, so we should have a great view. I THINK these seats are covered (but don't hold me to that), so we might have some good shade.
  3. As mentioned before, Forester and immediate family will be visiting our section, but they will have some special seating that Glenn Hubbard has provided that's a little closer to the field.
  4. If you have paid me for your tickets and t-shirts, thank you!! I will be mailing your tickets tomorrow. If not, I'm holding them ransom until you do :) You can either pay my via PayPal ( or mail a check to Katie Swaney at 4020 Andover Circle McDonough, GA 30252. Each ticket is $10 and each t-shirt is $7. One payment for everything is fine. No need for separate checks or transactions.
  5. The plan is to wear our t-shirts at the game, so I'll be distributing them as you get to your seats. Please don't feel like you HAVE to wear your t-shirt, though. No pressure.
  6. A God thing....A Christian singer, Matthew West, will be performing after the game. I've downloaded his top two songs and I really like them. Check him out.
  7. Email me at if you have ANY questions. I'm happy to help.
  8. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!! We're so excited. I think Forester is going to have a blast and all of you are going to be to blame for that. Hee hee. Thank you, again, for the support! See you Sept 6th.