Thursday, December 24, 2009

Feeling Better!

Slade has been moving around a bit today and eating and drinking a little bit more.  I am feeling much better than I was last night and am going to attempt to sing tonight! No matter how it sounds, to God be the glory.  Thanks so much for your prayers for all of us.  Blessings to you all!


Keep Praying

Slade is making progress, drinking some and having a few cheerios, she is crying a lot in her sleep and very restless.  It's almost midnight now and she is crying. Poor girl.
I seem to be close to miserable with tons of pressure in my head, sneezing, aches, chills and even jaw pain - huh?  Anyway.  Pray that tomorrow is a brand new day.  It's CHRISTMAS EVE!  Unless a miracle happens overnight I don't think I'll be singing tomorrow.  Sad. :-(  I was looking forward to being with my worship team family tomorrow night.

Ultimately though, this is a praise report!  As of now no other family members have come down with anything.  Keep praying that coverage.  THANK YOU!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Prayer Please

Slade and I came down with a stomach bug yesterday and while I am feeling much better, poor Slade still can't keep anything down and has had a consistent fever of 100.  She is pitiful! Please pray for protection over the rest of our family.  All the Browns(my parents & sibs & kids) have been together here in Charleston since the weekend.  There are 16 of us!  Please pray no one else gets this nasty bug, especially Forester! I also seem to have come down with a cold as of last night.  I know!  !?!?  I'm supposed to be singing at church tomorrow night and a cold seriously complicates things.  Pray that this cold does not get in the way! Or better yet, just goes away!
I still have so much to do before Christmas morning and I so want it to be Forester's best Christmas ever after the year he's had.  Sickness was not part of my plan! Please also pray for me, that I can keep what really matters in perspective and not get too anxious about all of this.  I am really good at getting anxious...
Thank you for your prayers.  May God bless you!