Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleared for take off!

(Evansville, Indiana)

We are so thankful that Forester's blood work looked great this morning. He was cleared to be able to fly to Indiana to attend a family wedding. So, the 5 of us will fly out this evening! Please pray for us and for Forester. Pray that he feels good, protection over his body from sickness and that all goes smoothly with our travel. We've never flown with 3 kiddos before!
Please pray that this will be a sweet and relaxing time to be with our family. We will be attending a Slade wedding and family members from all over will be there. It's going to be a wonderful reunion of siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins galore. I may even get the opportunity to see some Brown family members too! We will be returning on Sunday evening. Thank you for praying!

And thank you for continuing to pray for April and the Joonsars. She is feeling a little bit better today and if she feels good enough, the doctor will let her go home tomorrow. Pray she feels GREAT tomorrow!! Meanwhile, her milk supply is low and she hopes to see a lactation consultant today. Though, I know she is frustrated with this she is also so thankful that Eve can tolerate the formula. So, thank you for your prayers about that.

LOVE!!! ~ Whitney

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update on April

April has been diagnosed with Viral Encephalitis and has to stay in the hospital at least 2 more days for anti-viral medications via her IV. She's been feeling much worse and I guess this explains why. I know she was really hoping to be going home this evening is really missing her babies. Please pray that she feels better soon and also for her milk supply. She has been pumping in the hospital but it's not up to par. This just adds to the stress. Thank you for praying for the Joonsars!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update on April

Nothing official yet, but the doctor she talked to this morning believes this is viral meningitis. Yay! They will continue to pump her with antibiotics and keep her there for observation until test results come back. Meanwhile, Eve is not a big fan of formula but she hasn't had an allergic reaction. Praise God! Tate and Graham seem to be acting completely normal. They will get a check at the pediatrician but at this point they don't think the kids will need to endure spinal taps. Another praise! Please continue to pray as April is still in pain. The morphine helps but doesn't take the pain away completely. I'll keep you posted.... THANKS FOR PRAYING! - Whit

Monday, May 11, 2009

Please Pray For April & the Joonsars

My BFF, April, and my blogger partner has just been hospitalized with Meningitis. The doctor believes that it is Bacterial Meningitis but they won't know for sure until the test results come back which can take 24-36 hours. Please pray for April as she is in a lot of pain and the medicines they've been giving her have yet to help. Pray for her 3 small children who have all been exposed and must go to the doctor tomorrow.

Today is Tate, her oldest son's 5th birthday and I know this was not in the birthday plans. Graham just turned 3 and Eve is 10 months. Both Tate and Graham have severe food allergies. I can't stress the word severe enough. Deathly allergic to a laundry list of foods. Eve is too young to be tested for any allergies. The doctor just informed April she could not breastfeed Eve at this time and therefore Eve has to receive formula bottles. PLEASE PRAY that Eve is not allergic to dairy. Dairy is one of Tate's highest food allergies and Graham is allergic as well. Please pray for peace for April and her husband Marty as I know they are greatly concerned about the risk to their children. And please pray for complete healing for April and rest for her body. She is worn out and in so much pain. Thank you prayer warriors. I'll keep you posted.