Saturday, January 9, 2010

Praise and Another Prayer Request

First of all, we finally received the official results of Forester's MRI via phone message saying everything looks "good".  Thank you, Lord and thank you for your prayers!

Asking for some more prayers tonight.  Forester is sick with a tummy bug.  I am just mad about this because he's done enough puking this year to last a lifetime and I think he deserves a break!  Selfishly, I think we could all use one and I feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of another stomach bug making the rounds in our house. Please pray for grace and God's mercy and protection over us all.  Right now I'm thinking:  "Uh, yes. I'd like one pass for smooth sailing for 6 months please. Thank you."  But like I said this is selfish and self focused and the truth of the matter is we have been blessed beyond measure.  We live in a fallen messed up world and it comes with hardship, sickness and heartache. As much as I wish it weren't so...
But, that won't keep me from praying and asking you to pray. Pray for Forester to sleep peacefully tonight and be fully recovered in the morning and also a hedge of protection around the rest of our family.

Thank you. I will keep you updated.
xoxo ~ Whitney

Monday, January 4, 2010


Forester's MRI went smoothly.  We're back at home and he's ready for some Kraft mac and cheese. We probably won't get any official results of the scan until tomorrow or the the next day, but we have friend at MUSC who was able to take a peek.  From what he could see, the scan looks great but of course we need to wait for the official read.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  Keep them up!

HERE is a link to a short video of Forester receiving the sedation drugs and drifting off to dreamland.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Big Christmas Surprise and a Prayer Request

Well, it was quite an amazing Christmas at the Bradburn house. We now have a new member of the family.  An 8 week old Cockapoo boy named, Max.  He is absolutely precious.  It was a BIG surprise as we have always told the boys "we are never getting a dog, we have kids".  But, after the year that Forester has had we agreed that if any boy deserves a puppy, it's Forester.  He's been asking for a dog since he was three and he is a big animal lover. He loves to watch animal planet and has decided he wants to be a snake wrangler and have his own snake show.  Well, we're not getting any snakes so a puppy it is!  Max was in a big box in front of the tree with a big bow on top and the boys were in shock when they opened it up.  I think Forester was truly stunned!  Max is already snuggling into our family just fine... though the housebreaking is quite a challenge.  We've never had a puppy before!  I thought I wasn't having any more kids - I guess I was wrong.  Max is baby # 4! ha!

Max's arrival also marks a milestone in Forester's treatment.  The day he was diagnosed (Feb 24th 2009), the Oncologist told us "no new pets" until after treatment. And here we are on the other side of the hard core chemo and embracing a new furry friend.  Thank you, Lord for the victories in Jesus!

Health wise our family has still been struggling a bit.  The stomach bug hit about 10 out of the 17 of us and about half of us are still battling a cold/cough.  Thankfully Forester hasn't really had much in the way of symptoms of either - miraculous! But, when he went to the clinic on Wednesday his white blood count was really low which probably means his body is trying to fight off something.  So, we're trying to keep him protected. Thankfully, he seems fine!  Thank you so much for your prayers of protection over Forester's body.  Keep it up!  They're working!

Prayer Request:  Tomorrow at 9:40 AM Forester will undergo another MRI of his brain to make sure everything looks as it should and that there are no traces of cancer.  He will be under general sedation for this procedure which will last about an hour and a half.  Please be praying for peace for him, that everything goes well with the sedation, and that the scans look PERFECT!  Also, please pray for me (& I know that you are) that I, too, will have God's peace.  It's so hard not to be scared and anxious about these scans.  Strangely, in this last month I  feel scared about Forester's health all the time. I'm not sure why as one would think I would be breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe because we're stepping into new, uncharted territory and I just don't quite know how to "be".  Maybe all the emotions of the last year are catching up with me (again).  I'm not sure but I do feel a bit like I'm suffocating sometimes and I'm not sure how I'll continue to live in this overwhelming sense of fear.  I need God's peace and healing and I know I need to trust Him.  I also know I need your help by asking you to pray. Please pray.

Thank you.  As I've said before, words are not adequate in expressing my gratitude to you.  For reading our blog, loving our son, praying for our family, and keeping us encouraged.  Your friendship is an amazing gift. I pray that you were truly blessed over the holiday season.  I was more than ready to kick 2009 to the curb and welcome 2010 with open arms.  We are praying that 2010 and beyond will be CANCER FREE for our family.  We're praying for you, that 2010 will bring to you more than you ever thought possible.  Amazing joy, amazing peace and the amazing love of God.

Happy New Year!

To view short videos of Max, click HERE and HERE!