Saturday, July 11, 2009

Illnesses, Braves Games & Chemo, Oh MY!

Sorry it's been a week or so since my last update. I was hoping to have pictures from the run to post but I don't have any yet! Can you believe I didn't take any myself? It was kinda crazy...and early. But, it was a fantastic event raising $4,000! Thank you so much to all of you who participated. I know it was an early morning effort to get out there but I pray that you were blessed and had fun. You have certainly blessed us!! For those of you (like me!) who weren't able to get a T-shirt due to such a GREAT turn out, please let me know as we are going to place another order for those very soon. Just comment here or shoot me an email @ Or if you have pictures you could share with me, ditto!

In other good news, I met with one of Forester's doctors this week as a follow up to his Developmental Neuropsychological Evaluation. Basically he was given a battery of IQ tests and other neurological function tests to determine the effects of chemotherapy and radiation on his brain. All of his test scores showed Forester functioning in the average range in all categories. Most of these he was actually in the high-average range and in only 2 areas was he in the low average range. These 2 areas have to do with processing speed, and auditory working memory. These 2 areas are very commonly effected by chemo and radiation. We are thankful he is still in the average range and we also have some tools to use to help him be successful (like having more time to take tests & written directions). Hopefully we can exercise these brain areas too. All in all it was WONDERFUL to receive good news!! Initially after the brain surgery I wondered if he would ever be able to walk & talk much less complete school work... So, HAPPY!! And, this Dr. said she doesn't need to re-evaluate him for another 2 years! Isn't that amazing? So to God be the glory and give Him praise for this awesome report!!!

In more good news....ATTENTION ATLANTANS & BRAVES FANS!!! Forester has been invited by 1st base coach, Glenn Hubbard to attend a Braves game on Sunday September 6th! He'll get to meet the players, get a jersey and a glove and all other kinds of fun stuff! Isn't that awesome? We would love it if you, who have been praying for Forester, would join us for this fun day so that we could meet you and you could meet Forester. Of course there is always the possibility that this may not happen because of Forester's treatments but we are going to hope and pray that Forester's treatment stays on schedule so this works out! So get your tickets now and join us for Forester Day at the Braves Game!! SEPT 6th! We'll have to find a way to be able to recognize "Friends of Forester" at the game...I know you guys are creative so let me know if you have any ideas. Wearing your blue bracelet would help...maybe we could all wear a certain color?? Like I said...need help - comment or email me! :o)

We've had a bit of extra drama around here lately. I was just wishing we had more drama cause things were starting to get boring! ;-0 Pete has had a chest infection for the last couple weeks and has taken several meds for it. In the last week he had 4 what seemed like asthma attack episodes where he instantly could not get in any air for several minutes. It has been frightening. Horrible. I was scared to death and wanted to put him in the hospital last night! Anyway, he survived last night and is on his way to Atlanta for his 20th year high school reunion. Will you please pray for him. Pray that whatever is causing this would heal and that he wouldn't have any more of these scary episodes. You know it's bad when I went to the computer to review rescue breathing/CPR. YIKES! For Pete's sake, pray! (hee hee) Thank you.

Also, a praise and a request. Slade is sick too. She's has her very first cold and fever. So, this is where the praise comes in. She's 7 months old and this is her very 1st illness!! God has been protecting us and sweet Forester. Just pray that God will comfort her and that she will recover quickly. Apparently Micah has a hacking cough and Muzzy (my mom) is getting this cold too. Pray for quick healing and please pray protection over Forester as any illness could delay his next treatment. THANK YOU!

Crazy yucky cancer killing chemo ROUND 2 begins on Monday! We go in at 10:45 and Forester should be in the hospital until Thursday morning. Please get out that list of side effects (or look at the older post with the list) and pray protection over Forester against all of them. My general prayer has been: "Lord, please bless every cell in Forester's body. Allow the chemo to destroy unhealthy cells and place your complete protection around his healthy cells." If you don't know what else to pray, please join me in praying that prayer.

We love you all and as I continue to say, there are no words to express our gratitude,
In the palm of His hand,