Thursday, October 28, 2010

The day is almost here!

Tomorrow is Micah's 6th birthday!!  How can this be possible?! It is also a very special day because Forester will be having port removal surgery! YAY! Forester was very excited about this...until last night.  During dinner he mentioned something about after his port was out he wouldn't have to go to the hospital anymore.  I corrected him and said, "well,  you'll still have to go for blood labs from time to time and still have MRI's every 3 months for a while".  He was very upset. Removing the port to him meant it's all over. It was heartbreaking to see the realization on his face that this is not the case. Then began the anxiety about having to get stuck for those procedures and he said, while crying, "I do not want to get my port out!".  It broke my heart that this happy milestone has now created sadness and anxiety in him.  I held him while he cried for a while and then we talked it through and he feels better about things now. But, please pray for him that he will have peace and not be afraid of future hospital visits.
  At his last check up his weight was up to 66 lbs and his height was 4'4". Great news! But Pete and I have both noticed that once again his appetite has begun to decline.  He's only had a couple vomiting episodes this month which we think was related to eating too fast so that is a big improvement.  It really seems that we're controlling the nausea issues but he needs a boost in his appetite. The megace effect is gone. Less and less is sounding good to him. It's a fight to get him to eat breakfast and he brings most of his lunch back home in the afternoons. So, keep praying about that. Thanks. 

We'll keep you posted about tomorrow's surgery.  We still haven't heard what time the surgery will occur.  So, just say a prayer for our little guy when you wake up tomorrow.  :-) THANK YOU!