Friday, April 10, 2009

Radiation Video

Half of Forester's 6 week treatment is done! Yippee!

It's going to be a very HAPPY EASTER!! HE IS RISEN!

I took a video of Forester getting ready for radiation today. He is so brave and I am so proud of him. Here's a glimpse.

(don't forget to scroll down to turn off the music so you can hear the video)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The Bradburns had a head shaving "party" tonight, and Micah volunteered to go first. Although he thinks being bald is great, Forester does not. He completely melted down and said he never wants to look in the mirror again or have anyone look at him. :o( The new Batman DS game helped a little, but he's having a very hard time with this. Please continue to pray for his tender heart.

When I asked Whitney if she's feeling better today, she said she's had some better moments and some not so great moments. Forester's hair loss is making him look more like a cancer patient and that the reality of that just flat out sucks! His tummy and appetite have been "so so" today. He requested mac & cheese tonight, so please pray that it stays down! Because of the chemo, the foods Forester requests do not usually taste as he expects, and that discourages him. Ugh - poor little guy.

Thank you for your faithfulness to this precious family!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Broken hearts

A text from Whitney tonight: "Forester's hair is starting to fall out. He seems shocked and is crying very hard, saying he doesn't want to be bald. He doesn't want to look silly. My heart is breaking."

Please pray for the Lord to heal broken hearts, as well as Forester's little body. Please pray that everyone sleeps well tonight, as last night was rough. I'm at a loss for words because my heart is breaking for my beloved Bradburns too.

May the Lord's love and mercy and peace and very real presence comfort them all tonight.

Week 3, Day 3 & A Little Honesty

Yesterday went pretty well. No drama at the hospital and Forester ate a little bit of food and it stayed down. He didn't sleep well complaining of leg pain and being uncomfortable. I finally convinced him to take some Oxycodone. He is getting to the point where he hates to swallow any medicine - whether it be a pill, suspension, or dissolvable tab. Each medication comes with complaint and refusal, then surrender. I have to give him something about every 3 hours or more each day. It stinks. Pray that this won't be so miserable for him. I think he's just tired of it. He can take these pills with the smallest sip of water or in applesauce...whatever. It's not difficult for him, he just doesn't like it. Plus, he's vomited several times after taking pills that are for nausea so I don't think he trusts me when I say it's going to help. I can hardly blame him.

Today is going OK. Chemo went fine and Forester actually said he was hungry for some chicken nuggets!! YAY HE'S HUNGRY!! So we got the nuggets. They went down and then came right back up. :o( This was only a couple hours after his IV Zofran (which SHOULD last 8 hours). Poor guy. I'm really afraid he's going to give up on food altogether. Meanwhile every doctor and nurse is pushing us to get him to eat. To be honest, I'm ready to punch someone in the face!! We're TRYING!! (sorry...venting...) Radiation is next and then home. I'm praying that we won't be playing catch up with the nausea all night. Pray for a peaceful tummy, that Forester will crave something to eat, that he CAN eat and that it will stay down.

I'm stressed.

On top of fighting cancer, our computer crashed and my car is falling apart. The car is in the shop and it's going to cost $2,100.00 to fix. I had a baby in December and I still have baby weight to lose. And no, breastfeeding isn't helping! I can't stand to look at myself. It's depressing. Trying to plan weight watcher meals and get to the gym is almost impossible these days. It feels like too much for my brain to hold onto and concentrate on. Have I mentioned yet that my hair is falling out? Yes, a hairbrush-ful each day. It's bad. It's more than just post baby hair loss. It's the stress. I need a little break here!!! Do I sound like I'm on the verge of a breakdown? I kinda feel like I am... Today just isn't a good one I guess. Tomorrow will be better. I hope. Sorry for the vent. Just keep praying for me.
Love and thanks,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 3, Day 1

Although the Bradburns had a very long day at the hospital, it was a day without drama. Praise the Lord for that! Forester had no reaction to the transfusion and slept through it thanks to Benadryl. He was feeling quite grumpy & his throat hurt from the Benadryl dry out, but he was okay. They headed home around 4pm. Tonight is also quiet and uneventful - except for that fact that both boys want to sleep in Pete & Whitney's room. Please pray for another peaceful night of deep restorative sleep for everyone!

On a side note, their computer crashed a few days ago and needs to be repaired, and Whitney's car window will no longer roll up & down. She needs a working window to get in and out of the hospital parking garage every day. Please pray that these things can be repaired quickly, easily and inexpensively!

Good night,

I forgot to post this picture from the trip to the ER yesterday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home again

After receiving medications and fluids via IV at the hospital, Forester started feeling like himself again. Praise the Lord! Whitney said he became rather hysterical when the nurses accessed his port this afternoon. Apparently, the anticipation of injections and port access causes him a lot of stress and is becoming more traumatic as time goes on. He's been such a brave boy, but after not eating well and not sleeping well and vomiting and spending day after day at the hospital and just feeling lousy, he's tired of being poked and prodded. Who could blame him? Please pray for Forester to have peace in this area. Poor little guy. :o(

Anyway, in hopes of better managing Forester's nausea, vomiting, appetite, and stress level, the doctors sent him home with a new cocktail of drugs. He will be on a combination of Zantac, Prevacid, Ativan and the orally disintegrating Zofran. (I think I got this right. If not, I'll correct myself later.) Please pray that these medications help Forester as the doctors hope and that he has no undesired effects from them. These medications are in addition to what he's already taking for his headaches, to prevent infection, the chemo drugs, etc.

Forester arrived home sometime late this afternoon/early this evening, and thanks to wonderful grandparents on both sides, Pete & Whitney have a night out tonight to see comedian Brian Regan! What a needed break!

Please continue to pray for a settled tummy and a peaceful night's sleep!


To the ER :o(

Forester did not sleep well last night, and he has been very sick this morning. He's vomiting even though he has not eaten. The Zofran is not helping. When the nurse arrived to give him the Neupogen shot, she told Pete & Whitney to call the pediatric oncologist on call who told them to head to the ER. Because Forester has not eaten well the last few days, he has not been able to take Septra, a medication prescribed to prevent pneumonia. (He will have to take Septra every Friday, Saturday & Sunday as long as he is in treatment.) Anyway, the nurse told Pete & Whitney it's bad that he hasn't taken the Septra and that this may set back his chemo.

Please pray for Forester's tummy and for his protection from pneumonia and infection. Please pray for no set backs. Please pray for the Lord's grace and peace to wash over all of them.