Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home again

After receiving medications and fluids via IV at the hospital, Forester started feeling like himself again. Praise the Lord! Whitney said he became rather hysterical when the nurses accessed his port this afternoon. Apparently, the anticipation of injections and port access causes him a lot of stress and is becoming more traumatic as time goes on. He's been such a brave boy, but after not eating well and not sleeping well and vomiting and spending day after day at the hospital and just feeling lousy, he's tired of being poked and prodded. Who could blame him? Please pray for Forester to have peace in this area. Poor little guy. :o(

Anyway, in hopes of better managing Forester's nausea, vomiting, appetite, and stress level, the doctors sent him home with a new cocktail of drugs. He will be on a combination of Zantac, Prevacid, Ativan and the orally disintegrating Zofran. (I think I got this right. If not, I'll correct myself later.) Please pray that these medications help Forester as the doctors hope and that he has no undesired effects from them. These medications are in addition to what he's already taking for his headaches, to prevent infection, the chemo drugs, etc.

Forester arrived home sometime late this afternoon/early this evening, and thanks to wonderful grandparents on both sides, Pete & Whitney have a night out tonight to see comedian Brian Regan! What a needed break!

Please continue to pray for a settled tummy and a peaceful night's sleep!


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