Sunday, April 5, 2009

To the ER :o(

Forester did not sleep well last night, and he has been very sick this morning. He's vomiting even though he has not eaten. The Zofran is not helping. When the nurse arrived to give him the Neupogen shot, she told Pete & Whitney to call the pediatric oncologist on call who told them to head to the ER. Because Forester has not eaten well the last few days, he has not been able to take Septra, a medication prescribed to prevent pneumonia. (He will have to take Septra every Friday, Saturday & Sunday as long as he is in treatment.) Anyway, the nurse told Pete & Whitney it's bad that he hasn't taken the Septra and that this may set back his chemo.

Please pray for Forester's tummy and for his protection from pneumonia and infection. Please pray for no set backs. Please pray for the Lord's grace and peace to wash over all of them.



Aunt Brenda said...

I love all of you so much. Aunt B

ckws said...

thinking about you all this weekend. Prayers for Forester.