Thursday, April 9, 2009


The Bradburns had a head shaving "party" tonight, and Micah volunteered to go first. Although he thinks being bald is great, Forester does not. He completely melted down and said he never wants to look in the mirror again or have anyone look at him. :o( The new Batman DS game helped a little, but he's having a very hard time with this. Please continue to pray for his tender heart.

When I asked Whitney if she's feeling better today, she said she's had some better moments and some not so great moments. Forester's hair loss is making him look more like a cancer patient and that the reality of that just flat out sucks! His tummy and appetite have been "so so" today. He requested mac & cheese tonight, so please pray that it stays down! Because of the chemo, the foods Forester requests do not usually taste as he expects, and that discourages him. Ugh - poor little guy.

Thank you for your faithfulness to this precious family!

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The Q family said...

My boys are wanting to shave their heads in honor of Forester. I'll be sure to send Forester pictures of my 3 guys who think Forester is very brave and strong, "just like Super man". We are praying often for you all, especially Forester!