Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a great day for good news!

I just got the most amazing text message from my husband and I can't stop crying and just saying "PRAISE YOU JESUS"!
Forester & Pete have been at the hospital today getting Forester's blood counts checked and also a hearing test. This is what the text said: Big IMPROVEMENT in Forester's hearing since his last test in Dec. The audiologist said to me four times, "I can't explain it. This is the opposite of what I expected to see and there's no medical explanation for it. This is amazing!"

God is healing Forester and HE is AMAZING!!  If you remember several months back I was very discouraged about Forester's hearing loss because I had prayed so hard and really believed that God was going to spare him from that. Please re-read that post here!  Leave it to my amazing and all powerful and all knowing Father God to do something that can't be explained by medicine and only be described as amazing and miraculous! And, it's documented!  That's the kind of God he is!!  We are thanking Him and full of joy and couldn't wait to tell you.  GIVE HIM PRAISE, YA'LL!!!