Saturday, June 13, 2009

MRI Results

Soooo sorry for the delay! I was waiting for pictures of the pre- and post-surgery MRIs to share with you. Although I still don't have them, you have already waited too long. Praise the Lord for great brain and spine MRI results! They looked perfect!

Forester starts chemotherapy again on Monday. More info to follow...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Forester, Pete, Whitney & Slade arrived home by 6pm. Everything went smoothly today, and they will receive the official MRI results tomorrow morning during their 9am meeting with all of Forester's doctors.

Sleep well!

A brief update

Forester's MRI began just after 2pm and will take 2 to 3 hours, which is better than expected. His weight is holding steady around 63 pounds, and his blood work looks good.

Please keep praying for Forester and the family (waiting while your child is under anesthesia is so hard!) and for outstanding MRI results.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video! Slade Making Bubbles

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This girl is so silly!!


Sorry, I was wrong about the digi scrapbook pages. They will be available at least the whole month of June! So, if you didn't get a chance to check it out, you've got time! Click below to view and purchase beautiful scrapbook pages and help us in the process! THANKS! - Whit

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're Home!

Hi friends!
We are home after an amazing week in Orlando! Thanks so much to Make a Wish and Give Kids the World Village. It was so incredible!! You wouldn't believe just how much we did....Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Aquatica Waterpark (awesome!!), Universal Islands of Adventure, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, back to Magic Kingdom, and Universal Studios! Forester felt good and did so well. It was hot and his legs were tired so he did a lot of riding in the stroller(those double strollers ROCK!) and resting between rides. He rode all the rides he wanted to. He loved Spider Man at Universal Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom, Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom, Men in Black & ET at Universal, and his VERY favorites were Star Wars at Hollywood studios and also the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Micah went crazy over seeing Mickey and Mickey's house and his very favorite thing was to drive the cars at Magic Kingdom. Slade was an angel and did great the whole time either in the stroller or the sling. Muzzy and Pop did great too, working overtime and riding all the rides with us. I really don't know how we could have done it without them and it was so fun to share the experience with them.

In other news, we've heard that the yard sale at CBC was a great success!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who worked so hard to organize this effort and make it happen. Especially our superhero in disguise who lives next door, Kevin Giordano! He traveled all over Charleston picking stuff up for the sale and worked tirelessly along with the rest of their Sunday School clan. Thank you, Becky Bowick for I know this was your idea that came to fruition! And thanks to all of you who came to the yard sale or donated items! You have blessed us and are helping us try and stay out of debt during Forester's treatment. We just don't have words to express how grateful we are. God is showing us the amazing love and power that is in the body of Christ. We truly are a family - even though some of us have never met! It is so humbling. Thank you.

In other, other news...

I am very new to this concept but if there are any digital scrapbookers out there, our wonderful friend, Teresa, and her digi friends created a charity kit for us! It's called Forester's Wish and the templates are absolutely amazing with a Disney World theme! If you purchase any of these pages or the kit, you will be helping us with Forester's medical bills! So, check out this link! I think today is the last day to buy..sorry I didn't post this sooner!! Even if you don't do the scrapbooking, you MUST take a look. It's amazing. Thank you to Teresa and all of those who volunteered and made beautiful work!!!

More news...Pete's dad and wife are coming for a visit this week! YAY! This is a huge blessing and answer to prayer. Michael & Susan live in Northern California which makes it very hard for us to see each other. I think Forester was 3 the last time he saw his Grampa and this will be Micah and Slade's first time meeting him. Please pray for safe travels for them as they arrive late tomorrow evening and will be with us for the week. Forester is excited that Grampa will be here for his first in-treatment stay and hopes he'll spend the night with him in the hospital and spend lots of time with him in the Atrium playroom. Even though he'll have to start up chemo again and spend 4 nights in the hospital he's actually looking forward to these "treats" that come with it. Oh, how I love this boy.

Lastly, our schedule has been changed a bit for this week. Forester was supposed to have an MRI tomorrow of just his brain. This was going to take a total of 3 hours (prep-recovery) and he would be under twilight sedation. This has been changed to Thursday, now doing an MRI of his brain and spine which means general anaesthesia and a total of 5-6 hours (prep-recovery). His MRI is scheduled for 12pm. Please be praying for him and us during this time. And also please pray that the results of the MRI scans are EXCELLENT!! We will have a consult about them on Friday...I think. We continue to pray that all cancer cells have been removed from Forester's body and for complete healing. PLEASE continue to pray this with us.

It's hard returning to the real world after such a wonderful week. But, I know that God's grace and mercy and peace are what sustain us, along with your prayers. Keep praying!

All my love,