Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleared for take off!

(Evansville, Indiana)

We are so thankful that Forester's blood work looked great this morning. He was cleared to be able to fly to Indiana to attend a family wedding. So, the 5 of us will fly out this evening! Please pray for us and for Forester. Pray that he feels good, protection over his body from sickness and that all goes smoothly with our travel. We've never flown with 3 kiddos before!
Please pray that this will be a sweet and relaxing time to be with our family. We will be attending a Slade wedding and family members from all over will be there. It's going to be a wonderful reunion of siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins galore. I may even get the opportunity to see some Brown family members too! We will be returning on Sunday evening. Thank you for praying!

And thank you for continuing to pray for April and the Joonsars. She is feeling a little bit better today and if she feels good enough, the doctor will let her go home tomorrow. Pray she feels GREAT tomorrow!! Meanwhile, her milk supply is low and she hopes to see a lactation consultant today. Though, I know she is frustrated with this she is also so thankful that Eve can tolerate the formula. So, thank you for your prayers about that.

LOVE!!! ~ Whitney


Mindy Wilson said...

Enjoy your trip!!! Dennis and I both have family in and around Evansville. It was the "BIG" city when we were growing up!

Tonya J said...

I was able to meet Forester and his family at the Slade/Riley wedding. What a beautiful and precious family. Forester danced his socks off at the wedding, it gave me great joy to see him having so much fun with his brother and cousins. It was great to meet all of you, I will be following along with the Blog and will be Praying for your family every day. Safe travels home.
God Bless
tonya J