Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Prayer Please

Slade and I came down with a stomach bug yesterday and while I am feeling much better, poor Slade still can't keep anything down and has had a consistent fever of 100.  She is pitiful! Please pray for protection over the rest of our family.  All the Browns(my parents & sibs & kids) have been together here in Charleston since the weekend.  There are 16 of us!  Please pray no one else gets this nasty bug, especially Forester! I also seem to have come down with a cold as of last night.  I know!  !?!?  I'm supposed to be singing at church tomorrow night and a cold seriously complicates things.  Pray that this cold does not get in the way! Or better yet, just goes away!
I still have so much to do before Christmas morning and I so want it to be Forester's best Christmas ever after the year he's had.  Sickness was not part of my plan! Please also pray for me, that I can keep what really matters in perspective and not get too anxious about all of this.  I am really good at getting anxious...
Thank you for your prayers.  May God bless you!


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