Sunday, June 8, 2008


Do you remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait for it to be summer?? For me, I didn't enjoy school at all, so being out of school was the best part and of course NO homework! But I loved all the summer fun. I could have sleepovers and live at the pool, go to Stone Mountain (I grew up in Atlanta), and play at the lake. We also got to stay up an hour later in the summer - a huge treat!! I loved summer. I still love summer. It's like taking a big deep breath and relaxing in a hammock. Life just slows down a bit and it's fantastic. This can also be a challenge for me and my personality though. Taking a break or slowing down comes easily for me. In fact, I can convince myself most of the time that I need to and actually deserve it! I could easily live in a never ending lazy Saturday for quite some time. I LOVE my pajamas...and reading...and naps... But, I have children. The never ending lazy Saturday is not conducive when raising children. I took the first week of summer "off" and I heard a lot of: "what can we do now? I'm hungry (again!), I'm bored, what else can we do?" No schedule is no good. So, I'm working really hard at having a schedule this summer - and a fun one! So far it's going pretty well but I would love some input from other moms and dads out there. How does your family fill the long summer days? What are some of your favorite activities? So far, the highlight of Forester and Micah's summer is catching small frogs in our backyard. They've made a little home for them (OUTSIDE) and they are up to 7 frogs! Now, Forester is trying to figure out how to catch and kill flies in order to feed them to the frogs. How cute is that? I love my boys!!

Here's some pix of Slip n Slide fun.


steve and randel hambrick said...

ok, so i'm looking forward to seeing what people write.. because i have NO schedule or organization with the girls in the summer and i can't take it. i need help!!!
all i know now is that swimming is always good b/c it wears them out and they love it. otherwise, i'm blank.
oh yeah, finding a few vbs programs :)

Whit said...

Randel - I'm having trouble finding VBS programs that meet during the DAY. They all seem to be at night now & don't end until 9pm. Too late for me. I'm still on the hunt...
Also, someone shared with me that Regal movie theatres has a free family movie program. They show older movies on the big screen every Tuesday for FREE! Here's a link:

Whit said...

Don't know why it won't publish the whole link, sorry!