Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Forester's 7th Birthday

I am a couple weeks behind on posting this, mainly because I didn't get very good pictures and was going to get some from my mom. But, I may never actually get around to doing that so, it's now or never.
Forester had a Bionicle theme for his party. Know what a Bionicle is? I hardly do either. They are made by Legos and they are these alien looking things that have to be put together and they are all the rage with boys these days. Forester received 4 new Bionicles for his birthday and it "was the best birthday ever!". He also wanted a pet turtle. After some investigating it turns out turtles are pretty germy and disgusting and very expensive to take care of. So, we opted for "Sunny" the hamster instead. So far, she's very cute and well behaved and is probably more my pet than the kids since I keep after her. Oh well, I don't mind!
We had a kids party here at the house just to play in the backyard and let me tell you, it was total chaos! I think there were 11 kids and some parents and...my house and yard never felt so small. Things were crazy! I'm never doing that again. Hosting kid birthdays is never fun for me. And doing it somewhere other than your house or park is SO expensive! We just can't afford it. The whole thing just stresses me out! I think I'll go back to family only parties from now on. What about you? Are you like me or maybe the opposite? Do you enjoy planning the parties every year?


steve and randel hambrick said...

1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE cookie cakes. yum.
2. turtles are expensive? good to know. who'd have guessed?
3. we are just about to plan anna katherine's birthday party, which happens in 3 weeks. i'm thinking our house b/c it's too dang pricey to have it anywhere else! it does stress me out a bit, but what's a girl to do?

glad it was his "best birthday ever!" :)

Maryanna said...

Hey girl. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'll be checking it for lots of pictures and stories.

Sara Griffith said...

I tried extended family b'days and kid b'days and it always ended with some kind of drama. It was always someone didn't get invited that wanted to come or a family member that was going to come and then decided not to because this other family member was coming. Now we just do immediate family members with a dinner and cake that my b'day kid picks out as their fave. This year Joshua, who turned 6, also wanted to go to the children's museum. We ended up opening it up to whoever wanted to go with us in order to get the group discount, but we didn't pay their way and it wasn't a party. It was fun. That's what works for us.