Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 4, Day 1

Aunt Paris arrived last night to spend the week with the Bradburns and accompanied Forester, Whitney and Slade to the hospital today! Yay for family!

It was another long day, but they are on the way home now. Because Forester's blood counts are low again, he will have another transfusion tomorrow at 8am. He vomited twice yesterday but has not gotten sick today! He even ate a buttered biscuit and 4 Chick fil A nuggets! Please keep praying into his appetite and against nausea and vomiting. In the last 3 weeks, his weight has dropped from 68 lbs to 55 lbs. This is not good.

Last week I forgot to mention another chemo side effect with which Forester is struggling. The Vincristine (a chemo drug) can cause neuropathy, and that, along with electrolyte imbalances, has caused some serious leg pain for Forester. It seems to bother him most at night. Please pray against this side effect too!

Please pray for Whitney for deep, long sleep tonight! She only slept 3 hours Saturday night and 6 hours last night. She stayed up late learning a new song for Easter morning. (If you've never heard her sing, you're missing out. I still cry every time I hear her sing. BEAUTIFUL! Wish I could have been there Easter morning!)

Speaking of Easter... Thank you Lord for a drama-free weekend for the Bradburns! Thank you for the amazing ways you love us! Thank you for family and friends and strangers who love you and love Forester and the Bradburns even though they've never met. Thank you for the prayers being lifted up all over the world on behalf of this precious family! (We just received a subscription request from a pastor in Zurich. How cool is that?!?!) I know I've been blown away by all the Lord is doing through this incredibly painful trial. Thank you Lord for Jesus! I just had to post the following video. (Hope you don't mind Whit.) It's one of my favorite praise songs, and after we sang it at church yesterday, it has remained on my heart. Jesus paid it all. All to Him I owe!


(don't forget to scroll down to turn off the music so you can hear the video)

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Courtney Tighe said...

Great song...praying for this family faithfully.