Monday, June 29, 2009

Coming Home!

Forester's ANC count was 211 this morning and is being discharged. YAY! He is SO ready to be back home. But, I want to thank you all for you prayers for good spirits because yesterday he really was in good spirits! Giggling and laughing a lot and just being his silly old self. Such a joy to see. And, SEE?!! We ask God and He answers! He is good and deserves all our praise and worship! Can you tell I'm HAPPY!?!
Love ya'll ~ Whit


The Mummie said...

Hooray...big praises!!! I'm so glad Forester is back to more of his typical self! What a road you are on! I'll keep the prayers a comin'!!!

paris said...

I'm so glad to hear he had a good day yesterday-we're praying! We can't wait to see you guys later this summer!