Thursday, June 4, 2009

More pictures!!!

The Bradburns visited Sea World on Tuesday, Universal Studios on Wednesday, and Epcot, Hollywood Studios & the Magic Kingdom today. (In fact, Micah was still at Magic Kingdom with Muzzy and Pop at 9:30pm. Now that's some serious energy!) Forester has had a blast this week, but he's also very tired. By the end of each day, he's completely beat and struggles with leg pain.

So that their last Universal Studios pass would not go to waste, the Bradburns decided to stay an extra day tomorrow and drive home on Saturday. Please pray that they all, including Muzzy & Pop, have a peaceful and restorative night's sleep tonight, so they can fully enjoy their last day in Orlando tomorrow. Please also pray for safe travels home for them on Saturday. Once they settle back in at home, I'm sure Whitney will have more details to share with you.


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