Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's going to be a long day.

We came to clinic this morning to get Forester's blood labs & Vincristine chemo done with hopes that we would be back home in time for school at 1:00. No such luck. The first sign that this day wasn't going to go how we had hoped is that Forester was very winded after getting in the car. Then, he did not want to walk to clinic and we had to request a wheelchair escort. This type of tiredness we have come to learn is directly related to his hemoglobin/red blood cell count. And, as I suspected his red count is low and he needs a blood transfusion today. This transfusion takes 3 hours to complete. Forester's Potassium and Magnesium (electrolytes) are also low which can cause the same type of symptoms of fatigue & issues with heart and kidney function. As I type, Forester is currently getting a bolus of Potassium which takes 2 hours, then he'll get his chemo which takes about 15 minutes. We will then go over to the hospital (because the clinic closes @ 5:30) and he will get his blood. So we will probably be here until 9pm tonight. Please pray for me & Slade & Forester and that this long day will go smoothly. Also pray for Micah and my sweet friends who are passing him around today. I'll keep you posted. Thanks. ~Whitney

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Alise Nettles said...

I am Alise, one of Katy and Zack's close friends. I teach 4th grade in Charlotte, NC. A student in my class went through all that Forester is going through about 2 years ago. He is in full remission right now and doing great. If you would like to get in contact with them or if Forester would just want a buddy close to his age to talk to that knows exactly how he is feeling, just let me know.
My email is
We continue to pray for all of you each day! Also, my dad, Terry Wilson, is head of the chaplin dept. at MUSC. Get your nurse to call him if you ever want someone to sit and talk with you, cry with you, whatever you need!