Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Round 6, Week 2

Sorry it's been so long since my last update.  I've just been procrastinating.  I'm really good at procrastination.  Seriously, I could win awards.
Anyway, Forester has been doing really well the last week or so.  He's had only 2 vomiting episodes and for the most part has felt pretty normal.  He received a blood transfusion and his very last Vincristine dose on Friday. Woo-hoo!  And, guess what? (What?) We  have another reason to be thankful!  We were told a while back when Forester's legs were getting so bad and thought we would have to stop the Vincristine, that we shouldn't be too concerned because no one ever gets all of the doses of Vincristine.  The side effects are just too taxing and at some point everyone has to skip doses or back off of it altogether.  Well, Forester got all the doses of Vincristine!  And, not only that, he still has reflexes in his legs, he's walking more normally than before and even doing some dancing on a regular basis!  Can I get a Woot in the name of Jesus?  God is rockin and working miracles all over the place. How can we not praise Him?  How can we not fall on our knees and be thankful? My God is so good!!

Forester had another long day today at the clinic.  He had to receive a blood transfusion again today and also a platelet transfusion.  His ANC count is really low at .030 (normal is 2,000-5,000).  Hopefully the GCSF Neupogen shots will do their job and his count will pop back up by his next appointment on Friday.  It's so strange that these things have become normal and in comparison to other months this one is going very smoothly. We are excited about the fact that once his counts pop back up that they shouldn't go back down again.  They're going to stay up!  His hair is going to start growing back! Yippee!  We really are approaching the finish line.

I want to thank you so much for your prayers.  I believe with my whole heart that your prayers are reason our family and Forester has stayed relatively germ free through all of this (and so many other answered prayers!). Seriously.  Think about it.  Think about the last 9 months and how much funk has been going around.  Think about how low Forester's counts have been and how susceptible he's been to picking up any illness.  God is at work! YOU are witnessing miracles! You are a part of it! PLEASE do not stop praying for us!  Sickness changes everything and we need to continue to pray protection over all of us from any illness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I wish I could hug each and every one of you right now.  God has blessed me through you. You have blessed our sweet Forester! I will be praying for you, thanking God for you tonight as I always do. 


**sorry to those who got a double delivery of this post in their inbox.  I had to fix a typo! I always miss at least one...

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Teresa said...

great great news and a GREAT GREAT GOD!!! rejoicing with you!