Monday, March 8, 2010

Cleaning house around here

I'm in the process of taking over the account that is referenced on the sidebar of this blog.  When Forester was diagnosed last year some dear friends of mine set up this account and got things going.  As time has gone on this account was neglected. So, my sincere apologies if you requested to subscribe to this blog, or sent us a message or made a request and it was never tended to. I started trying to go through each email to figure out who had been added or replied to but there are over 500 emails & it's just too big a task.  SO, if you wouldn't mind, if you were one of those who did not receive a response will you please email again?  I have all my accounts going into one mailbox now and I promise I will get it and respond! If you would like blog updates to come to your email inbox, just send and email to with Subscribe in the subject.  Thank you!


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eastandwest said...

I'm stopping now to thank Jesus that this season is finally winding down for you all. Thank you Heavenly Father for holding the Bradburns in your loving arms this year!