Friday, August 27, 2010

Prayer Request For Forester

Forester has been doing really well! He is adjusting to school and life in the 3rd grade. Just a reminder that it is such a miracle that Forester is in the 3rd grade after missing half of 1st grade and half of 2nd grade due to cancer.  God is good! We've had a wonderful and normal summer and good check ups at the hospital.  In fact, we were told at his last visit that if his next MRI on Sept 13th comes back clear then we can schedule his port REMOVAL surgery! This is the port that was surgically implanted under his skin on his chest that has been accessed to administer chemo, fluids, blood transfusions, etc. And though it was a huge milestone for us when Forester reached the ends of his chemo treatment, I think for Pete and myself this is an even bigger one.  Having his port remain for a while has kind of been code for "let's wait and see if the cancer comes back - we may still need that." So, to remove it is a great confirmation that he is in the clear!  Please be praying for this scan on the 13th, that it will beautiful and perfect.
I'd also like to ask you to pray for Forester's appetite. According to his doctors he shouldn't still be having problems with vomiting and food aversions. But, he is. It seems he still has a random vomiting episode every couple of weeks. He is still taking Zofran once a day. He is still very particular about what he will eat.  It's a daily struggle and though it is small in comparison to everything else that has come our way, it is still difficult.  Everyone needs to eat.  Several times a day.  For me, this means some level of conflict or frustration several times a day.  In reality, Forester hasn't been eating much at all and is losing weight again. I am unsure of what to do about this on a daily basis. Will you please pray that God will grant me wisdom in this and an even temperment? And, also pray for Forester's system to balance back out so he can once again have a normal relationship with food?

I knew you'd say yes! :-) 

Thanks and love,

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