Thursday, August 11, 2011

Endocrinologist Results

Last week Forester had an extensive Endocrinology appointment testing his thyroid function as well as his growth hormone levels.  This included getting IV drugs and several blood draws. Unfortunately it was a very rough day for Forester since his little veins weren't cooperating.  Once they would finally get an IV going his vein would collapse and they would have to try again in a different spot. The same thing would happen when they tried to draw blood. :(  After 5 sticks he was really missing his port!

Though his thyroid numbers are still in the normal range now his doctor believes that hypothyroidism is inevitable and wants to go ahead and start him on Synthroid. I don't understand this at all. If his number isn't low yet then why would they want to start a med to raise the number? Wouldn't that throw him into hyperthyroidism? As you can see , I have questions and would like a 2nd opinion on that.
A normal growth hormone level for a boy Forester's age is between 7-10. Forester's is 1.8. In a couple of weeks we will begin administering daily growth hormone shots to Forester that will continue through his 18th year.  Not news we wanted to hear but we knew it was coming. Forester is still at the height of a 7 1/2 year old which is when he started his chemo treatment. He'll be 10 in early November.  He doesn't know about the shots yet and we won't tell him until the day before the nurse comes out to show us the ropes. We've been reassured by others who have gone through this that it is a very simple shot and just a pinch of pain. We look forward to watching him grow!

In other news, Forester and Micah start their first year in a big public school on Tuesday!  They are so excited and we are too. I think they will love 1st and 4th grade at Drayton Hall Elementary. We are praying for the very best teachers for them and new wonderful friends.

My sister and I still have our loser blog going.  There has been some BIG news as of late.  If you haven't checked the site, I highly recommend doing it now to find out what the BIG news is!! Click here:

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bereccah said...

Sorry to hear F's appt was so rough and hoping for clarity about the Synthroid. Hugs to you all and prayers for you guys always.