Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Day of First Grade

Forester started first grade this past week. A big milestone for the Bradburn family. Forester was in half day Kindergarten last year so this is the first year of "real" all day school. 8:30-3:00. It seemed like he was gone forever. And poor Micah missed having his brother at home. He kept asking, "Is it time to go get Forester yet"? I think that question started at 10am. Forester on the other hand couldn't wait to get to school and his new class. He came down the stairs at 6:45 completely dressed down to the shoes. If you know my kids, this is not typical! Thankfully he wanted me to walk him into his class everyday this week. Don't know how long that will last but it warmed my heart.

Micah has yet to attend a mothers morning out or preschool program. But, that will change September 4th. He will attend a Christian preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He's excited about going to school like his big bro but nervous that it won't be at the same place or the same class. He would choose to be with Forester all the time if he could. I'll let you know how that first day goes...

Update on my sis. Katie is scheduled to be induced on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Yay! So, Jack should arrive no later than Tuesday August 26th! My next post will be pictures of my new nephew!!

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