Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Nephew is Here!

Jack Slade Swaney entered the world on August 27th at 8:06pm. He weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 21 inches of ADORABLE!
Katie did such an amazing job. I keep telling her she's my hero and I mean it! She is!! After 2 days of induction, 6 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing, Katie and Steve finally got to meet their first born.
For me, it was a whole new experience which is ironic since I have 2 children. But, I have never been in labor, never had a contraction. Forester was 2 weeks late and they finally had to go get him by c-section since he was so big (9lbs 11oz). Micah was also a scheduled c-section. SO, this was my first time experiencing labor and delivery first hand. Unbelievable and miraculous. I have a new appreciation for all the women who have delivered babies! WOW!
Below are some pictures of my sweet nephew whom I am in love with and miss dearly!

**so you may have figured out by now that Slade is a family name. It's my mother's maiden name. My grandaddy (my mom's dad) was John Thomas Slade but everyone called him "Jack". Jack Slade Swaney is named after him. My daughter's name will be Slade (after my mom's side of the family of course) Katherine - named after my sister, Katie (Katherine).


swaney3 said...

Jody and Marie Swaney of Bowling Green VA, are always glad to see another young Swaney!


steve and randel hambrick said...

OMG. he already has a pottery barn kids chair! hehe

he's precious! and thanks for explaining "slade".. i figured it must hold important memories for yall since you are both using it :)

The Young Family said...

You have an adorable nephew! Congratulations. You know he's destined for greatness - he was born on my birthday!

The Swaneys said...

Thanks for all the help this past weekend AND during delivery!! I don't know what I'd do without you :)