Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ok, I wasn't really thinking when I quickly posted the picture of the bracelet and asked if you wanted one. I have no idea how to get one to you unless you live here in Chucktown. BUT, I am so excited that you do want one (or some!) and we're going to order more and figure this out.

Right now the tentative plan is to have the bracelets listed on ebay. We will have that ebay link posted on the website and you may go there and order. My sister, Katie, had this great idea and will take care of the listing and the shipping and get it to you. THANKS KATE! More details to come....

YAY for spreading the word and PRAYING! And these groovy bracelets GLOW IN THE DARK!! Forester took a handful with him to the hospital today. :o)

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laurakirkland said...

Gah.. He looks like Pete