Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 2, Day 1

I took Slade to the doctor this morning and she looks completely fine. Either God healed her little ears or we're starting a new phase. Either way, I am thankful she is healthy! Thank you for praying.

Pete and his mom (Grandma) are at MUSC with Forester today. So far things are going just fine. Forester's white blood cell count is under 1000 so he will have to receive an additional treatment today after radiation therapy. This is something we have been told to expect to happen.

My mom (Muzzy) just arrived to watch the other kiddos so I can hit the gym. I'll be back later today to answer a very important question that many of you have asked...


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Tammy H said...

Slade is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! I just wanna squeeze her!!!