Saturday, March 28, 2009


She's been fussy all day and messing with her ears. Her temp is 99.8 which is technically not a fever but it's not her norm. I'm guessing an ear infection. (They only happen on the weekends, you know.) Please pray for her and that she can sleep tonight otherwise it may be a long one for all of us. Poor thing is screaming right now. If you know her, you know she never screams.

MOMS - She's too young to have Motrin, right? She'll be 4 months on April 1st


Destiny said...

Hey Whit,
I know how that is with the ear infections. We have been to Nason Medical all to often for the ears with Davidson. If she won't sleep lying down, try letting her sleep in a swing or bouncy seat where she is somewhat upright. It relieves the pressure from the fluid in their ears. When Davidson gets them we usually have to let him sleep in the swing and he will at least sleep a couple of hours. Hope you all get peaceful rest tonight. I am so glad to see the pictures you post of all the kids and I hope we get to see you all at church in the morning! Love and hugs to all! Blessings,

Heather said...

Yes, no Motrin. Only Tylenol. Praying for your sweetie!