Monday, March 23, 2009

Prayer Requests

At 5:20pm, Forester had another horrible headache. Pete & Whitney gave him Oxycodone for pain and Zofran for nausea. He fell asleep for a little bit but woke in pain and vomited at 6:45pm. Thankfully, he has been asleep since then. Because he also vomited after taking Zofran this weekend, he doesn't trust it. He's afraid to take it for fear of vomiting again. So... He has no medication in his body now. Please pray away his headache and nausea. Please pray for a peaceful night sleep for the entire family. On top of all of this, Pete & Whitney have to care for Micah and Slade, Slade is screaming at the moment, and Pete has to fly out of town for work early tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for peace that passes understanding for the entire family and that the Lord gives them His strength for every moment.

Details of the day to follow in another post...

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