Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today - so far

Forester slept fine last night, and it sounds as if Pete & Whitney slept but not quite as well as Forester. When Forester woke up this morning, his tummy hurt. Thankfully, he took a Zofran, AND it stayed down. He ate some peanut crackers and grape juice too. Praise the Lord!

His blood work is normal, and he's receiving chemotherapy now. He just saw a neurology resident who will consult with the attending physician. Praise the Lord for this, and keep praying about this! Last night, the Bradburns got an automated call saying Forester's neurology consult had been scheduled for FRIDAY!!!! Unbelievable and completely unacceptable. (Yes, I'm still angry about it.) Please pray that the Lord continues to intervene in Forester's care and gives him the right doctors and nurses who have wisdom and discernment about these headaches!

Thank you!

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Destiny said...

I agree with Slade...Forester is the bravest boy! Praying for all of you and for complete healing!