Thursday, March 26, 2009

Forester and Jack Video

All in all a great day...minus the flat tire I got today. Thank you Kevin G for coming to my rescue, AGAIN! Why do these things always happen when Pete is out of town?? Also, I want to say a general "thanks" to all of you who have sent cards and gifts and gift cards and meals...all amazing and we SO appreciate it! I have a list and I will start thank-you notes soon but I just wanted to say thank you here cause it may have been a while since you sent something and I'm feeling so bad that I haven't sent a thank you yet! YOU HAVE BLESSED US LIKE CRAAAZY!! Praying for a peaceful night for us Bradburns and for you!

Here is a video of Forester entertaining his cousin, Jack. So sweet!


The Mummie said...

Oh girl...I am willing to bet that no one expects a thank you note! It is a blessing just being able to help. You can check my name off the thank you list as I know you are very grateful!!! We are continuing to pray throughout this journey you are on!
Heather Plis

Callie Smith said...

Me, too! PLEASE scratch my name off the list! You have MUCH more important things to do!! Love you girl! Praying for you daily! Callie