Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Much better!

Today was a much better day! Praise the Lord! No headaches, no serious nausea, no major miscommunications, no scheduling snafus!!! Yippee! Like I said earlier, Forester is seriously the bravest boy I know. He even flushed his port himself following chemotherapy. Wow. Thankfully, it was a much shorter day as well. Forester was on his way home by 1:30pm. When I spoke to Whitney around 3pm, she said Forester had just asked to go to the playground. :o)

The Lord answered prayers in mighty ways today! Not only did He give them a shorter and much smoother day at the hospital, he also provided answers about Forester's headaches and worked on those communication issues I mentioned last night!!!

The neurology resident spent 30 minutes with Forester today and then left to consult with the attending physician. When the resident returned, he brought Dr. Maria, a HIGHLY respected neurologist, with him. Dr. Maria gave Whitney great reassurance about Forester's headaches. He is extremely confident that, based on family history, Forester is predisposed to headaches and that they were triggered by trauma to his brain, ie the brain surgery he had last month. Although this doesn't sound that great, he assured Whitney that headaches of this nature usually resolve within a few months. He gave her 2 prescriptions for Forester to help relieve & prevent his headaches on a daily basis. AND - He knew how different medications would affect or interact with his chemotherapy and made sure to prescribe medications that would not also go through his liver, etc. YAY for communication!!!

It gets even better: Whitney also found out that ALL of the physicians involved in Forester's care - his neurosurgeon, neurologist, radiologist, oncologist, etc - will meet together regularly in one room with Pete & Whitney to discuss all aspects of Forester's health and care. Could there be a more direct answer to prayer? I don't think so! Go God, and thank you Jesus!


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