Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grand Do Do!!

Today is my Grandmother's 88th birthday! Her name is Dorothy May Burchfield Slade. She was nicknamed Aunt Do Do (pronounced DOE DOE)when a nephew couldn't say Dorothy. Well, Do Do stuck! She is Grand Do Do or just "Do Do" to many more people than just our family. Almost everyone I think!

I have had the great pleasure of spending lots more time with Do Do in the last several years since she moved in with my parents. She is one lovable, crazy, sports-loving, SPUNKY lady. She is amazing! I am so thankful for her life. Yesterday her 9th great grandchild was born and on her younger brother's birthday. What a present!

We love you Grand Do Do!!! Hope you're having a wonderful birthday!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandmother Whitney! Enjoy each moment you have with her it is so priceless!

The Gatherum Family said...

I found your blog totally by accident...I was looking for a friend of mine, whose last name is also Bradburn, anyways, I found your blog and read about your sweet little boy. I have 3 little boys of my own and my heart just broke for you. My mom suffered from a brain tumor, she took many of the same medications Forester is taking, wow, what a trial for you and your family. Just thought I would drop a line and let you know that even total strangers are thinking of you and praying for you.
Adrian Gatherum

The Gatherum Family said...

I would LOVE to be cyber friends. I have read through a huge portion of your blog today, I will be thinking of you and will answer any questions you want to ask when you are ready :) My boys are the best of friends and the WORST of enemies all at the same time! I too LOVE having boys, it's so much fun, I have to admit, I'd love the chance to "try out" a little girl ;) if ever given the chance. I can tell you are one strong women and you will get through this. I am so glad we "met" via the blogging world. I'm thinking of you...Adrian

Sheri said...

Hi, and WOW. I got chills reading this post... My grandmother's name was Dorothea Mae Burchfield Gallaway. Grandma Dot passed away in 1978. She was an only child, the daughter of Dr. David and Irene Mae Burchfield of Galveston, Texas. Do you suppose your grandmother and my grandmother are related?

On another note - my fiance passed away from brain cancer in 1988. Medical science has come such a long way since then - your sweet Forester will be in our prayers.