Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Post

To those of you who have asked, I'm sorry for not updating about April sooner! April went home on Saturday and is doing pretty well. She continues to have quite a bit of dizziness and fatigue. Please pray for her to take the REST that she needs. Turns out her body was quite run down which is what made her susceptible to this illness in the first place. All you mommies out there know how hard it is for us to rest when our babies need us. Pray that April will have discernment in how much she does and peace in the things she needs to let go. Thanks for all your prayers.

I'll post tomorrow about our Indiana trip... Right now I must jump in the shower as my husband is taking me to see Sugarland tonight. FUN! Thank you to my mother in law, Kathie, for this early birthday present (my bday is in July). Happy Birthday to me!

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