Friday, June 26, 2009

Forester is being admitted - please pray

So far, Forester has been doing really well. Still no vomiting & we finally won the war with the insurance company to be able to get more Zofran each month! Praise God for that!! He's actually felt so good that apparently he's been doing more than he should. I am still amazed at what is not communicated to us... His white cell count is as low as it can go which is completely expected a week or so past chemo. We were not told this. We are not doctors or nurses. We're learning as we go. This is the first time he's been neutropenic (huh?) and we had no idea what that meant and what the guidelines are. So...he's gone swimming the last couple of days, went to Toys R Us and a few other places without any immunity to infection! Great. I am thankful we have wonderful friends who are also doctors who clued me in, but it makes me see red to think that we were ignorantly jeopardizing Forester because no one told us what was going on...or assumed someone else had already told us. I want to scream "We've never done this before people! A little help here!" Pardon my vent but it's a little frustrating.
**Forester is currently at the hospital with Grandma to get a blood transfusion. We just got word that he has a fever of 101 and he is being admitted to the hospital. They will postpone the transfusion and give antibiotics right away and try to pinpoint what may be an infection. Re-read the beginning of this post and insert an angry growl here. UGH! Maybe this could have been avoided! Maybe not. Anyway, please pray for Forester. Pray for healing for his body. He also complained of mouth sores when he woke up this morning. OUCH! Pray for healing and comfort his mouth. We're trying to figure out what to do next..who goes to the hospital, what about the other kids, etc, pray for us too. Thanks so much, warriors. I (or April) will keep you posted.


Zandi said...

Seeing RED with you. GRRRRRRR!!!!

Tammy H said...

ugh. Praying for you guys, Whitney! Poor guy. Praying hard here.

lauren said...

so sorry...i'm so mad right now i'm crying. i do not understand the lack of communication to y'all about all of this :( please call john if you need anything. we are praying and we love you!

bereccah said...

Grr grr grr grr is RIGHT! I think that no one telling you about this side effect is tatamount to medical negligence! How in the world were you supposed to know that he was that compromised?! So so sorry for this really upsetting situation and praying for healing (Especially for those miserable mouth sores) and improved immunity. Big huge hugs!

Teresa said...

growling with you sweetie! that stinks and I am so sorry...will be praying that you have friends and DOCTORS that will be very proactive in preparing you for what is ahead to keep all of you safe