Monday, August 10, 2009

Chemo Round 3 Begins...

Chemo round 3 starts today (ha! it's 1am), Monday.  Please pray for Forester and those nasty side effects.  He has a hearing test today too so keep praying for those eardrums!  Also, the vincristine is taking it's toll on his poor little legs.  They just don't work right anymore.  He can't walk in a straight line and has a hard time climbing the steps...he tends to walk wide-legged and with a foot-slap motion.  It's no fun to watch - breaks my heart.  The solution is to back off of the vincristine.  But we're dealing with cancer here.  It makes it so difficult.  Do we want them to back off the vincristine or hope we can take every dose to give us the best chance that the cancer doesn't come back?  I don't know...  So, just pray as God leads you.  I'll be posting updates from the hospital the next few days and hopefully with pictures too.  Thanks for walking through this with us.
Our love,

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The Gatherum Family said...

Good Luck-you'll all be in my prayers. my mom took vinchristine-NASTY drug. poor little Forrester-
but you gotta do what you gotta do to get the END result! here's to STRENGTH and HEALTH for Forrester...have a good day.