Thursday, October 15, 2009

Round 5, Week 2 Begins

This week has been pretty uneventful, thank God! Forester arrived home from treatment on Saturday night which was earlier than we thought.  He was thrilled!  So far he's only had one vomiting episode which is a big difference from last month.  He was still scared to eat for a couple of days but is now back to his hungry self.  He's still eating lots of pickles, cheese and popcorn!  He's been able to do school each day this week and keeping up pretty well. 

Micah came down with a croupy sounding cough on Monday night, so Pete took him to Muzzy & Pop's for the day to keep him away from Forester.  He never ran a fever but definitely has a cold.  Slade woke up with a really yucky nose and cough yesterday morning.  So far, Forester hasn't caught it. Pray he doesn't!! We're trying to keep the boys separated but it's hard to do these days.  They really enjoy playing together.  So, all day yesterday they wore masks just so they could play "Bionicles" and watch TV together!  Very sweet.

Today Forester is at the hospital with Muzzy getting Vincristine (chemo) and also a blood transfusion.  His hemoglobin is 5.9.  That's low! 11-16 is normal.  When he woke up yesterday he was so pale I just knew he needed blood.  He's also been extremely emotional, crying several times a day over small things.  I'm hoping maybe the blood will help with that too. So, it will be a long hospital day but he should feel much better by the end of today.  We're still waiting for his white blood cell count to bottom out before it starts to recover again.  I'm guessing it will bottom out on Monday.

Guess who is on the way here RIGHT NOW?  Aunt Katie (my sis) and Jack (my neph)!! We can't wait to see them!!  Forester just loves Aunt Katie and adores little Jack.  It will help the next week go by fast. :-) Thank you, Lord, for sisters that rock!

Please pray for safe travels for Katie, quick recovery for Micah and Slade, and no more illness in the house!  We are taking every precaution to protect Forester from the flu but I confess it still scares me.  BUT, God is protecting him and us...  I just need to TRUST Him.  Pray that I will trust God in all things concerning Forester's care.

Thanks for all of your prayers for us.  More soon.

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