Sunday, January 10, 2010


Forester slept very peacefully last night and woke up hungry!  He's been eating normally and taking his pills and feeling good.  Thanks so much for your prayers!!  So far everyone else is feeling fine too. Praying that continues.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,


Geeta said...

We are so glad to know how well everyone is doing, and continue to trust God that you are all under His watchful eye, his loving arms, and his hedge of protection. LOVE YOU TONS. Geeta, Kerry, and Ravi

Thesupermanns said... glad he ate...that is a good sign after a bug. Bennett has something now and i pray it doesnt make the rounds esp. whie im birthing another MANN in a few days.....UG!. I pray that GOD keeps you all healthy. we are SO excited alongside you guys about Foresters update lately that all "looks good". PRAISE GOD