Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't Stop!

Wow. What a day. But one that we can praise God for! So far, Forester has not complained of any pain since he's been home. Not from the headache, the port site or the lumbar puncture site! Woo-hoo! God is good! He's also working on his second bowl of ....can you guess??? Mac & Cheese! So far no ickiness from the drugs and surgery. Your prayers are working! So...keep it up! We have gotten over another hurdle but the next one looms. Please PLEASE pray for clear results from the spinal tap. NO abnormal cells!! We hope to have the results tomorrow. Of course, that's what the dr. said, so it probably means Monday. But we're praying for tomorrow.

Ok, I want to write more but we Bradburns are so exhausted from the day. Again, thank you so so much for all your prayers and joining with us in this fight. We love you! - Whitney

** Just thought I'd post an adorable picture of our sweet 3 month old, Slade, who has been an angel through all of this!



We are standing strong in prayer for your adorable son!!
Amy, David and Emily Grace Venn
(friends or April P. Joonsar)
Every day we pray for him!!!!
God is Good!!

Heather said...

Woo Hoo! So glad he is doing so well! Slade is as beautiful as ever : ) Staying in prayer for clear fluid results.

The Mabrys said...
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The Mabrys said...

I hope that the days get better and better. I know that there roughs days to come but I am praying the good days overshadow the bad ones.