Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pray away this headache!!!

Just got a text from Whit:

"Forester got a spinal headache from tap. Pete said it's by far the worst thing that's happened yet. He was trying to bang his head against the bed. Accessed port right away for morphine."

Just got another text right before I was about to hit post:

"It's bad. He may be admitted if it doesn't get better."

Please pray away this headache! Pray that it miraculously disappears. Pray that Forester does not have to be admitted. Pray for Pete & Whitney too, as they watch their child in pain. :o(



Stephanie said...

Oh, I had the same thing happen and it is unfathomable pain!!! We are praying for relief! Poor guy.

bereccah said...

praying right now!