Friday, March 13, 2009

More details

Forester is still in the ER, but his blood work came back clear! Praise the Lord! The doctors gave him a dose of antibiotics through his port as a precautionary measure. He will have to return to the hospital for another dose of antibiotics tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll be heading home shortly. Please pray that his back doesn't hurt when they try to get him up. That's when the pain started earlier - when they arrived at the hospital and he tried to stand after sitting in the car. His skin is a little red where they placed the port yesterday, which is normal, and his back hurts at the puncture site. At this point, it seems we still don't know exactly what caused his fever and his intense pain. Please continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors and for healing for Forester. Pray for release from pain and that his fever continues to go down. Whitney said it dropped to 100 degrees without fever reducing medication. By the way, they may not receive the spinal tap results for a few days.

Now, to back up a little...

Forester did really well at home last night. He walked around a good amount, ate well and slept well. He woke up at 5am in a little pain, but it was easily managed. The fever was an unwelcome surprise around 10:30am.

One clarification: The port Forester received will be used to administer his chemotherapy and to make him more comfortable for blood draws. It has nothing to do with his radiation therapy. Please forgive my error.

Thank you all!

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The Higgs Family said...

April & Whitney, thank you so much for taking the time to keep us all updated. We rejoice with you in all your victories and pray continuously for your entire family. We love you!