Friday, March 13, 2009

Save The Drama For Your Mama!

Another crazy day.
Sorry my text alarmed so many of you. When I typed that Forester couldn't walk I was in a hurry, panicked and it actually meant that he was in too much pain for him to walk or for me to carry him. It came on suddenly and I was by myself and scared about what was happening. Pete believes it may have been a psychological response to having to go back to the hospital and was trying to avoid going in. It may have been but it didn't seem like it to me as he started out being very willing to get out of the car. But I'm the mommy and possibly more gullible these days so who knows. The good news is he's on his way home. He was given a bag of fluids and the antibiotic and he took a little stroll in the hallways at the hospital and seemed much better. He said he's hungry and asked for pepperoni pizza for dinner. It's on it's way. We're praying the fever does not return but thankfully we can now treat the fever with Tylenol if it does show back up.
Thanks for all your prayers - you guys rock. I think I need a glass of wine and a bubble bath. :-)

Love to all,


Sam & Laurie Knowles said...

Whitney, after what you have been through the past two weeks you are entitled to some drama! :) We LOVE you guys and continue to pray for your family.

Shannon said...

So glad to hear things are better! Go soak with that glass of wine!

Robinson Family said...

Out of anyone I know, YOU are deserving of at least a glass of wine and bubble bath. Whew! Good news. We'll keep praying.