Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Prayer Request

Forester has vomited more than once today. Please pray for a settled tummy for him. Also, in case this is a bug, please pray that it does not spread through the family. Whitney is worried about Forester and has always struggled with a vomiting phobia. This is just too much for her today. This is supposed to be their "normal" week before treatment starts on Monday. Please pray for health and rest and peace for all of them!

After talking with a great physician friend, who was so excited to hear about Forester's selection for the 2 additional chemotherapy drugs, Pete feels much better about it. Apparently, the world's leading oncologist developed these clinical trials. (I hope I got that right.)

Thank you!

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eastandwest said...

Praying for peace for you all. While these are "random clinical trials" for researchers, the Great Physician knew exactly what Forester would receive. Praying for a settled tummy and a restful week.