Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video of the kids

SO! Before this day went downhill I took a little video of all the kids cuddling in the bed. (Lord, if it's a stomach bug please protect the rest of the family!) Anyway, it's cute and happy and we all need a little happy right now so I thought I'd share. Pray that the night is peaceful for all of us!! All my thanks and love for your prayers!!!!!! - Whitney
(scroll to the bottom of the page to turn off music so you can hear the audio)


Heather said...

Forester is SO sweet with Slade : ) Micah is so funny...not a bit shy!

Destiny said...

This is the sweetest video ever! Micah is so big now and Forseter is so cute lovin' on Slade. The boys that will be chasing Slade later in life had better watch out for Forester because I can see is going to be protecting her! Also Micah and Forester's dimples are the cutest! Please hug and squeeze them all of me! Love to you all and always for ya'll. XOXO

lauren said...

this made me smile!!!!!! just realized all 3 have the same hair style :):) love micah chattering away and forester just chillin' loving on slade. i love your babies so much!