Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Randomized Clinical Trials

Pete and Whitney learned this afternoon that Forester was selected to receive the 2 additional chemotherapy drugs, so he will receive 4 drugs in total. Initially, Pete was upset because he had hoped Forester would only have the 2 standard drugs. Whitney did not know what to think, but Pop thought it was a good thing. My heart aches for them for being in this position. Let's just continue to pray that the Lord has Forester exactly where He wants him and that Pete & Whitney have peace about it.

Please also continue to pray against all side effects from radiation therapy and chemotherapy. I realize that we never posted the possible chemotherapy side effects. We may do so a little later this week.

Please pray that, as planned, the entire family has a "normal" rest of the week with no doctors appointments, no hospital visits, no fevers, etc. Pray that they have peace and quiet and are fully restored for the 6 straight weeks (and 5 days a week) of radiation therapy and chemotherapy that will begin Monday.

Blessings to you!

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